Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wicked Watchers (review)

Title:  Wicked Watchers (Looking at the Lads)
Author:  Lily Sawyer, Nephylim, AJ Jarrett, L.M. Brown, Victoria Bliss, Sara York,  Julie Lynn Hayes
Publisher: House Of Erotica
Length:  58 pages
Published:  March 20, 2012
Source:  Publisher via Naughty Reviewers

About The Book:
Imagine going behind the scenes and watching the voyeurs in action.  That's what this collection of shorts does and then brings on the heat.  This collection of seven stories feature all sorts of M/M spying in it's finest.
Pool Party:
Who hasn't fantasized about the pool boy?  In this twist of events, it's the pool boy that is the lucky recipient of some bad boy behaviour..or is he the intended victim?
Boy Can She Dance:
When an unwanted boy is forced to live in the streets and sleep close to houses to keep warm, it should come as no shock that he wants to watch the party inside.  But this is Christmas and what kind of present could he find by watching the windows?
First Time Voyeur:
Just cleaning up the store and imagining the things that are suddenly thrust in front of him.  Should he finish cleaning or find out what kind of fun he's missing?
Do you watch when all of the sudden your fantasies seem to come to life? 
My Lucky Night:
A shy man inside a sex club...not a good combination, but while watching the hot scene in front of him, can he handle what's suddenly handling him?
Passion Bringer:
When sex and all passion have been stricken from you, how does it feel to suddenly be watching the only man you have ever known start to experience something he has never felt before?
The Watcher:
Rich, bored and lonely, the ingredients for a former playboy to watch people come and go and maybe just cum.  But when  he wants to take it a little farther is he ready to face the object of his desire? 

My Take:
This anthology of short briefs will be sure to send some heat your way during these hot summer days.  The whole book is short enough for a quick hour or two of guilty pleasure and leave time to develop your own voyeuristic plan of action.  I really liked the theme of this book as we are all guilty of watching when we really know we should look the other way!  I do hope a few of these briefs become full fledged novels, because I would love to know more about a few of these not so innocent men!  If you are a fan of 'watching', I would highly recommend this short collection!  I know there are more than a couple of authors that I will be following with great anticipation now.

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